Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nothing Like A Parade In A Small Town

The small town that I live in has a festival every year called the Sugar Beet Festival.  It's named after the sugar beets that farmers grow around our area and we also have a sugar beet factory which makes some of the sugar that you buy in the store.   Today was the parade and here is a picture of a patriotic band that was in it.  I've been going to the parade since I was a little girl and the festival is a tradition with a carnival, rides and a great chicken barbecue.  Lots of candy was thrown out for the kids and even some of the adults got some too! 


  1. We have small town festivals here too! Like the cotton festival, denim days, mule days and farmers day! :p

    Chicken BBQ and CANDY! Wow! I wish I attended the Sugar Beet Festival! :p

    xoxo -Shar

  2. Your festivals sound neat too Shar:) There are all different kinds of festivals!

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