Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lunch At Bennigans and Movie "The Artist" With My Daughter

My daughter is on Spring break from college and she wanted to see the movie "The Artist" today.  We naturally went out to lunch first and went to Bennigans.  It was our second choice since The Olive Garden was packed and people were waiting to be seated.  It was a nice atmosphere and I like that they have real glass for glasses.  I can't stand drinking out of a plastic one.  I didn't really care for the club sandwich though, which was dry and not very good.  The potato soup was very tasty, with bacon and cheese in it.  Karissa liked her hamburger, which was huge and had lots of yummy toppings.  She didn't really care for the sweet potato fries though. 

Then we went to the movie!  I thought it was pretty good and definitely different.  Karissa wanted to see it since it was a silent movie and won five Academy Awards, including best picture.  I think she liked it better than me.  It was unusual not having people talking and just listening to the music and reading the words on the screen.   John Goodman was in it and the guy that was in "Babe" -James Cromwell.  All in all it was nice to have time together with my daughter, just the two of us. 

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