Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Small House Is Harder To Keep Clutter Free

We live in a rather small house with five people living in it.  That means we have a lot of stuff!  Our closets are small, the rooms are small and we don't have a basement.  We do have a large garage where everything goes that we can't fit in the house but want to keep.  I think it's harder to keep a small house clutter free.  You don't have the space so things look cluttered easier.  I have been trying to do some spring cleaning, selling some stuff on E-bay, and putting what I don't want in the garage for a spring or summer garage sale.  I like having garage sales and you make some money for stuff you don't want anyways.  Just get some big boxes and when you find something you don't want or need any more put it in a box till you get ready to have the sale.  I get price stickers at a dollar store and make my own signs.  I'm always looking for ways to make some extra money!


  1. I live in a NYC apartment so I know your frustration all too well! But decluttering is a must do! I think it's great to do once a month.

  2. Back then, when it was just me and my husband (no toddler yet), we only live in a studio-type apartment. So, I really understand what you’re saying here. It’s really harder to declutter a small space. What we did was, we bought those plastic boxes that can be stored under the bed and that somehow removed the clutter a bit. One thing more, my husband built a cabinet with lots of drawers and that surely made our house clutter-free.