Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Bright Idea To Paint

Sunday I started to paint my dining room a shade of green which is called "casual day".  It all started with getting  a free quart of paint at our local hardware store on Saturday.  I was thinking about painting anyways but this got me motivated.  Two of my kids helped tape and I did the painting.  I never painted anything but white before, except a couple of years ago my husband and I painted our bedroom a lavender color.   It turned out nice but I'm not that great of a painter.  If you looked on the side of the wall you could see some lighter and darker spots.   Anyways, I  got started kind of late in the day and didn't finish it.  Yesterday my son and I had to go to the city for a dentist appointment, allergy shot, shopping, and going out to eat of course. Before we left my husband said he might finish painting while we were gone.  He had said the day before he was tired of painting since we used to paint apartments when we were resident managers years ago.  We must have painted over 100 apartments.  We had to clean and paint them when someone moved out.   When I got home from the city I was pleasantly surprised!  He had just gotten done painting the dining room and it looks good.  I'm glad he finished it for me!


  1. Hey! I'm excited to find your blog! New follower from MBC!


  2. The paint looks good!

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  3. I love the color. I'm sure the room feels brand new to you, isn't it funny how a little color can change everything?

    Stacey (www.justsayitoldyouso.com)

  4. Thanks Stacey:) You are so right! A little paint can sure make a big difference!