Sunday, February 26, 2012

Old Pyrex Bowls Memories

I have two Pyrex bowls that are very old.  They are part of a set of four which includes a red and blue one.   I got them at a garage sale years ago.  My mom has a set of them which she got for a wedding present over 60 years ago.  I remember her making goulash, baked beans, German potato salad and so many other dishes in them.   I use them for everything also from mixing cake or cookie batter to storing leftovers.  You don't see bowls like this any more.  I would love to get the smaller red and blue ones too, just to have a set.  I have other bowls but these are the  two that get most of the use.  I know they have the ones I need on E-bay but maybe some day I'll find the other two at a garage or estate sale.  These bowls bring back lots of memories of mom cooking when I was growing up.   Do you have any bowls or kitchen items that bring back memories?

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