Monday, February 27, 2012

You Sold Our Van For What?

We've had our old Mercury Villager van for sale for about a month.  It's been a good van for us but it has 198,000 miles on it and we have gotten a newer one.  We have three vehicles and the kids take two of them to college.  The one we have for sale is in good condition, clean, and only has a little spot with rust on it.  We've had some callers here and there but not a buyer.  Yesterday a woman came with her dad to look at it.  We were asking $2,100 when we started to advertise,  but went down to $1,850 after a few days.   My husband always goes down with the price right away.  He's always in a hurry to get rid of a vehicle when we get a newer one.  He showed the women and her dad the van and they decided to get it.  They are coming today to pay for it.  After they left yesterday I asked my husband how much he sold it for.  He said $1,850.  Then later he said he didn't know if he had told her on the phone that he would take $1,500 for it or not.  He had talked to a couple of different people on the phone about it lately.  When they left no one said anything about a price.  I was in the house and let my husband do the business.  So today we'll find out how much he sold it for.  I hope it's $1,850!  That's not much to begin with!

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