Friday, January 20, 2012

Shopping and Ring Sizing Today?

My Earrings and Ring
For Christmas my husband got me some nice gifts.  My special gift was a beautiful ring and earrings set
that match.  There are black diamonds in both of them.  I went to the store where he purchased
them a couple of weeks ago and wanted to get the ring sized because it was too big for the finger
I want it on.  I won't mention the store but they said it would cost $25 to have it sized.  I was kind
of surprised about that.  He spent quite a lot of money on the set to begin with and then they say
I had to pay another $25 just to have it sized.  I didn't do it that day and brought it home.  I asked
my husband about it and he said I might as well have it done if I want to wear the ring.
So I guess today is the day to go shopping!!

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