Sunday, April 8, 2018

4 Set Packing Cubes ~ Great for Traveling, Camping & More! ~ #Review #Cobiz

4 Set Packing Cubes ~ Great for Traveling, Camping & More! 
Disclosure: I received free products for review purposes and all opinions expressed here are my own.

With summer coming school will be out and families will be going on trips, camping and just plain traveling! Maybe you can relate.I'm not a big fan of packing and like to have clothes and other items in order. You know how things get strewn around in a suitcase. 

With this set you get 4 packing cubes which seem very durable and have lots of room to pack items in. They are see through with the mesh material that they are made of so you don't have to open each one to see what's in them. They are also made with nylon and and each have a zipper on them to easily close. The zippers are nice in that they have pull tags attached which make them easy to grasp.



To try the bags out I filled the largest cube with a couple pairs of jeans, a few shirts, makeup up bag, some large books and still had room. The next size cube I filled with 4  t-shirts, a jacket and 6 pairs of socks. The next smallest size cube with underwear and more shirts. and the smallest with another smaller makeup bag full of stuff and still had some extra room; although you could just throw your makeup articles and toiletries right in this mesh bag. Plus you get a draw string bag which can be used for anything such as shoes, dirty clothes or whatever you like.

In addition to the packing cubes and drawstring bag you get a 2 pack of plastic compression bags which can also be used for clothes, towels, or whatever and can be rolled up to save space.

This set of packing cubes, drawstring bag and compression bags will be great for my daughter who is going on a trip in June. I know she'll be very happy to get these to save space for her luggage.

You can purchase this set on Amazon right now for $15.99.

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  1. Oh wow, that is a much lower price than I thought you were going to say! It looks like you can fit so much into them and you get the bonus bags. Looks like a great deal to me.

  2. It is a nice set alright, Brenda. I like the zippers on them and that you can see what's in them with the mesh material on the front part. They are nice and sturdy also. Would be a great gift idea for anyone going on a trip or for yourself.