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Lords of Dogtown (Special Ediiton Blu-ray) ~ #Ad #Spon #Review

Lords of Dogtown (Special Editon Blu-ray) ~ #Ad #Spon #Review

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They came from nothing to change everything.
Based on the True Story of the Legendary Z-Boys
"a docudrama, rare in its grit and authenticity" - Entertainment Weekly
a dazzling daredevil ride.” – Peter Travers, Rolling Stone 
a perfect marriage between film and skateboarder" – Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times 
LORDS OF DOGTOWN tells the radical true story of three teenagers from California who took skateboarding to the extreme and changed the sports world forever. Stacy Peralta (John Robinson), Tony Alva (Victor Rasuk) and Jay Adams (Emile Hirsch, Into the Wild) are the Z-Boys, a bunch of nobodies until they join board designer Skip Engblom (Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight) to create a new style of skateboarding that becomes a worldwide phenomenon. But when their hobby becomes a business, the success shreds their friendship.  
Directed by Catherine Hardwicke (Thirteen, Twilight) and featuring an all-star cast including Michael Angarano, Nikki Reed, Rebecca De Mornay, Johnny Knoxville, America Ferrera, and Mitch Hedberg.

My Thoughts:

I had never heard of the Lords of Dogtown in the past but found out it is a biological film (which means it's based on a true story). It was produced in 2005 and stars Heath Ledger, John Robinson, Victor Rasuk, and Emile Hirsch. "Dogtown" is the name of the town that was given to Venice, CA where the teenagers that portray the actors in it were from.

The story stems around a group of surfers and skateboarders from "Dogtown" who become known as the Z-Boys back in the 1970's. The Z-Boys were termed that from a surf shop which was called Zephyr. They become famous around the world for their amazing new technique of skateboarding from practicing stunts and wild flips inside of empty pools when there was a drought in California.

If you like skateboarding, you will probably like this movie. Heath Ledger is memorable since he was a favorite actor or mine. You will remember him as the Joker in Batman. Sadly, he passed away way too young.

The blu-ray contains 1 disc and the run time is 1 hour and 50 minutes. Also there is no rating to it.

You can find it at Mill Creek Entertainment for $14.98 as of this date.

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