Friday, December 22, 2017

A Winter Wonderland!
A Snow Covered Bush

We've had our second snow fall so far this winter and it's been quite a lot. We got about 4 to 5 inches from last night to this morning and it is very pretty when it is falling in the sky. The only bad thing about it is shoveling!

We have a long driveway and don't have a snowblower but my husband is thinking about getting one since we're not getting any younger. I went out and thought I'd get some exercise before he was up and started shoveling. The snow was wet and heavy so I came in after a while to take a break.

Our Back Yard
Then my husband got up and came outside and said he would finish it. It was still snowing and by the time I shoveled the cement part of our driveway there was another inch of snow on it.

We have a very long driveway and also sidewalks to shovel and it takes quite a while to do the job. I must have been outside over an hour and he was out there about the same after he took over and finished.

No Grass To Be Seen
After it quit snowing the temperatures went up a little and it is starting to melt already, which is great. Our daughter is driving 180 miles tomorrow to come home for Christmas and it's a worry when you always have to consider the weather in the winter time. It is supposed to be nice out tomorrow (at least no snow predicted) so that is a blessing.

Have a Merry Christmas everybody!


  1. Oh wow, that is beautiful! Thanks for sharing the picture. We never get any snow here. Although, my husband said that on his run this morning, the water from the sprinklers had turned a little icy on the sidewalk and was slippery. I'm sorry the snow is so much work for you to shovel. I hope you enjoy your Christmas with your daughter!

    1. Thank you Brenda! It is pretty when it first comes down and is all clean and white. Sometimes I wish we never lived here in Michigan with the seasonal chances, but it is home. My daughter had to drive 3 and 3/4 hours back to her apartment last night and ran into some bad weather closer to where she lives. Thankfully she made it back safe and sound. We had a nice Christmas hope yours was a great one also!

    2. Wow, that was a long drive for your daughter! I'm glad she made it back safely, I've been thinking about her. We did have a nice Christmas, thanks!

    3. The winter months are always a worry when driving, especially when it's a distance. Lots of people think they can go fast and you just have to go very slow sometimes. We let our daughter take our car back because it's an all wheel drive so she said that helped. Now we have to take her car back sometime. Thank you so much for thinking about her. So glad you have a nice Christmas too!