Sunday, December 25, 2016


On Christmas Eve my family went to the candlelight service at our church. The church was packed and we have a very large church so that was amazing to see. Everyone got a candle and when they sang Silent Night, the lights were turned off and the candles glowed in the darkness.

Today we are celebrating Christmas with the rest of my extended family at my mother's home. Mom just turned 88 years old on December 15th and also just had surgery on the 22nd. Since most of the family has a Christmas break, we are helping her out with taking care of her.

I want to wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas and best of health to you and your family!


  1. Gloria, I hope you and your family had a really nice Christmas together. It's nice of all of you to help out with your mom. We had a lot of people at our Christmas Eve service too. They even had to bring in more chairs! It was great!

  2. Thank you Brenda. It was a nice Christmas with the family. I hope you had a very nice Christmas with your family also! It's always nice to see a full church, isn't it!