Sunday, September 10, 2017

Nazareth Secret Starthistle Blossom PURE HONEY ~ #Review

Nazareth Secret Starthistle Blossom PURE HONEY

I enjoy honey in my hot tea, on toast and sometimes use it in baking too. I have a recipe for honey apple pie which is a favorite of mine that is unlike your regular apple pie and makes it so delicious. Oh yes, another recipe of mine for homemade baked beans has honey in it also, which gives it a unique flavor and is so good. Honey has so many health benefits and uses that you may already know about.

Recently I graciously received 2 jars of Nazareth Secret Pure Honey in the mail and couldn't wait to open it. If you're wondering if this luscious honey is from the Nazareth in Israel (The Holy Land) you would be correct! 


First here's a little information about Nazareth Secret. It was founded by Dr. Noga Langer, who is a senior scientist that also lives in Nazareth with her family. She wanted to share the natural secret surroundings of Nazareth with people who may never have a chance to visit the region themselves.

Nazareth Secret Pure Honey is made from a flower that you find in Nazareth high in the hills of the Galilee Mountains. This blossom is called a starthistle and it blossoms during the summer. The honey is collected at the end of the flowering season, which makes it extra special...thick and concentrated.

I've learned that Nazareth Secret Pure Honey is Kosher certified and is made in an FDA approved apiary in Israel which has been producing honey for over 60 years. It does not include any sugar water and is made with a coarse filtering process that retains the pollen and propolis.

The first thing I noticed about this honey was the clear golden color and how pure it appeared. I opened one of the jars and decided to sample it right away so grabbed a spoon out of my kitchen drawer to see how it tasted.

The Nazareth Secret Honey is thick and rich, and does not have a strong taste like other brands of honey that I have tried in the past. It is satiny smooth with an exquisite mild flavor that your tastebuds will be happy to experience!

Since my adult daughter is going on a very special trip to the Holy Land next year with my brother (Dr. Mark Nimtz) and his family who is hosting a tour there, I found it extra interesting to be able to sample Nazareth Secret Honey. I'm anxious to tell my daughter and brother where this wonderful honey came from! I can imagine Jesus, who spent his childhood in Israel, enjoying this honey while growing up.

A big thank you goes out to Nazareth Secret for the opportunity to experience their beautiful and delicious tasting honey from Nazareth, Israel! They also have some other products on their website such as herbal teas and a selection of candles for you to check out. Since Christmas is nearly 3 months from now, it would be a great place to find a special gift.

Disclosure: I received free products for review purposes and all opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. How neat to be able to try honey from Nazareth! I like putting honey in our smoothies and I also like it to help soothe my throat after a long day of talking while substitute teaching.

    1. Those are great ideas for using honey, Brenda! I was very impressed at how mild and delicious this honey is.

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