Sunday, July 16, 2017

Allergies Are Not Fun - Along With Global Warming

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It has been a weird spring and summer so far. Where I live we look forward to the warm months all year. At least I do and I know lots of other people to do. In the winter we stay inside and well....hibernate if you will. This season has been kind of strange. We usually get warm weather and it stays but this year it was cold till about June it seems.

The cold weather doesn't appeal to me but what are we going to do, just get up and move? Our roots are here and we live in a town where everyone is practically related and it's a close-knit community. Of course, if a couple of my children would move out of state I think we would think about moving closer to them.

It's been a bad year for allergies also. The weather was mildly cold, but it really didn't stay frozen all winter, so this isn't good for allergies (especially when you're allergic to all 4 types of molds like I am). We hardly had any snow. In February it was in the 60's, which is like spring weather. I had a sinus infection which was very unusual. Usually I get one in May and September (and I get weekly allergy shots). After that it got cooler again.

When school gets out the parties and wedding start. There are only so many weekends and people plan their graduation parties, reunions, weddings and other activities. We went for a ride on the 4th of July to the beach, but there were hardly any people in the water since it was still cold.

I don't know about you but I do believe in global warming. Years ago you didn't need air conditioning. If it got in the 90's that was really a record breaker and very unusual. It may have lasted a day and it was very strange. People didn't have air conditioners in their cars, you just rolled down the windows if it was warm enough. Today people that never had air conditioners are installing them in their homes. I know a 94 year old lady that just got central air and hasn't had it all her life. Fans just don't do anything but blow the warm air around.

How is it where you live? Do you believe in global warming?

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