Thursday, June 22, 2017

Diana Queen of Hearts DVD + Digital ~ Review

Diana Queen of Hearts DVD + Digital 

Photo Credit: Mill Creek Entertainment


A Special Tribute to the Life and Legacy of a Princess.
Acclaimed director and screen actor Lord Richard Attenborough presents this tribute to the late Diana, Princess of Wales from his unique perspective as a trusted friend of the Princess for many years.
Archival footage of Princess Diana is combined with interviews from the people who knew her throughout her life, including her nanny, schoolteachers, therapists and astrologer. Sharing time in London, to her fairy-tale marriage and ultimately — her tragic end. World figures and personal friends of the Princess talk for the first time about her hopes and fears.
This special presentation is both a loving tribute to one of the great leaders of our generation, as well as a celebration of whom Diana truly was, the power she had to heal and inspire, and the legacy she left behind.

My Thoughts:

Princess Diana was a legend in her short life. It seems like everyone was in awe of her and loved her so much. I remember watching her wedding to Prince Charles on television many years ago and how beautiful she looked in her gown that trailed forever. It seemed like every girl's vision of a fairy-tale wedding.

Princess Diana always seemed so kind and loving. You could see it in her actions and how she loved her two boys. I can only imagine how wonderful of a grandmother she would have been now to her two little grandchildren.

Sadly, Princess Diana succumbed from injuries in a terrible car accident in 1997 and that was the end of a magical era. Elton John wrote "Candle in the Wind" which was a wonderful tribute to her life, and he sang it at her funeral.

Many people didn't know of her many involvements in organizations and charity work. I cannot believe it has been 20 years since the tragic end of Princess Diana's life. 

I enjoyed watching this DVD of special memories of family, friends and leaders. It was a great reminder of how highly she was admired and still is sadly missed.

Disclosure: I received free product for review purposes and all opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. They've been talking about Princess Diana in the news again lately, so this video is very timely. It would be really neat to learn more about her life.

    1. It's been 20 years since her tragic accident, which seems like just yesterday to me. She was such a lovely princess!