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For Your Movie Viewing ~ 5 Movies Action Adventures and Murder 101 Collection DVD


5 Western Classics!
One-Eyed Jacks 
(1961) Color Not Rated
Marlon Brando, Karl Malden, Slim Pickens
A pair of bandits makes off with the gold from a bank heist but an opportunity arises where one man takes the gold for himself, leaving his partner to take the blame and face imprisonment in Mexican jail. Escaping from prison many years later, the wronged bandit searches for his former partner to exact his revenge upon him. The bandit finds his former partner has become a respected sheriff in California and the man still wishes to eliminate the man he betrayed.
Dan Candy’s Law 
(1973) Color Rated PG
Donald Sutherland, Kevin McCarthy, Chief Dan George
Dan Candy (Donald Sutherland) is a Canadian Mountie searching for the Native American who murdered his partner. His relentless pursuit of the killer ends up placing him in extreme peril when the hunter becomes the hunted.
Gone with the West 
(1978) Color Rated R
James Caan, Sammy Davis Jr., Stephanie Powers
Enlivened by star turns from James Caan and Sammy Davis, Jr. we follow the tale of a not-so-reputable hero, Jud McGraw and a less-than-innocent Indian maid, known as Little Moon. They have both come to the deserted town of Black Miller to settle old scores. Out of the smoldering cinders of the town love finds a way in this delightful romantic western.
(1970) Color Not Rated
Clint Walker, Barry Sullivan, Kathryn Hays
Dave Harmon (Clint Walker) is a U.S. Marshal is sent to the territory of Yuma to bring justice to an otherwise lawless land. All previous marshals have been run out of the territory, mainly due to the actions of Arch King, a man who only works by his laws. The new marshal is set up for shooting a man and it appears that King and some U.S. soldiers are involved in the plot. Harmon is forced to defend himself and expose the corruption in Yuma.
Colorado Sundown 
(1952) B&W Not Rated
Rex Allen, Slim Pickens, Mary Ellen Kay
The heirs to a Colorado ranch look to exploit their timber interests on the ranch at the expense of the cattle ranchers in the area. The heirs are shocked to discover their recently deceased father has also left the ranch to two other relatives. Not wanting to share their newfound wealth or have them discover their plans, the evil siblings decide to eliminate their relatives, just as they had done with an inquisitive forest ranger. What the devious duo didn’t expect to contend with is ranch foreman Rex Allen arriving with his boss, one of the relatives, who uncovers their plans and looks to stop them.

My Thoughts:
Westerns are always great to watch, especially the old ones from years ago. I don't know why they don't make good old stuff like that any more. These DVDs are all on one disc and star some famous actors such as Marlon Brando, Donald Sutherland, James Caan, Clint Walker and Rex Allen. Also co-stars Karl Malden, Stephanie Powers, Slim Pickens, Sammy Davis, Jr. and Kevin McCarthy.
I enjoyed these westerns and thought they were entertaining. One of my favorites was the Yuma movie since I like Clint Walker - who also starred in the television series Cheyenne. He plays a US Marshall who tries to bring peace to a small town called Yuma. This was originally a television pilot which appeared as a movie of the week and produced by Aaron Spelling.

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Murder 101 Collection DVD 
Who Knew Solving Crimes Could Be So Much Fun?
After the tremendous success of the hit CBS series Diagnosis Murder, Dick Van Dyke and his son Barry reunite in these popular made-for-TV mysteries. 
Murder 101: If Wishes Were Horses
Criminology professor Jonathan Maxwell is called upon to help when a prize racehorse is kidnapped. But the case turns deadly when a member of the family that owns the horse dies in a suspicious fire. What the case yields is a family embroiled in jealousy and greed. 
Murder 101: The Locked Room Mystery
Samuel is a spiritual "healer" with a large and influential following. But when he locks himself in a meditation chamber with four students, only to turn up dead with his students still deep in their meditative trance, it’s up to Professor Maxwell to figure out the why and how.
My Thoughts:
Dick Van Dyke has always been a favorite actor of mine. When I was younger the Dick Van Dyke Show was always on every day and it was always so funny with him. Along with him was Mary Tyler Moore, who played his wife and the duo made a wonderful couple on the show.
The Murder 101 Collection DVD comes with one disc and stars Dick Van Dyke, along with his son Barry Van Dyke. Also stars Stacy Edwards, Ray Abruzzo and Brad Beyer. The co-stars include Mia Cottet, Scoot McNairy, Susan Blakely, Ned Schmidke, and Anjul Nigam. These murder mysteries reminded me of the older ones on television, such as Columbo and Murder She Wrote. They weren't blood and gore like most of the ones they make today - which are too scary and not my style. I enjoyed watching these. If you like older mystery type movies, these might be for you!

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  1. It is nice that they put the old westerns on a DVD so people can watch them again. Also, younger people can see what kinds of shows their parents/grandparents used to watch.

    1. I agree, Brenda. They don't make show like they used to. I rarely watch anything from current television shows or movies. Unless it's something really great.