Monday, November 14, 2016

The Big Beautiful Moon At Dusk!

The Big Beautiful Moon At Dusk!

I was outside at dusk last night and just happen to notice how huge the moon looked in the sky. My husband was outdoors also and I said "boy the moon sure looks big tonight"!.

After taking a couple of pictures I later checked it out on google and found out that last night the moon was in fact brighter and closer to the earth than it's been since 1948! Who knew? I just happen to see it when I was outside.

1948.... that's even before I was!

The term they call it is "supermoon" which I totally agree with. It was so amazing and beautiful!

If you missed it on Sunday night, I've read that you will be able to see it until tonight (Monday night); but when I looked tonight the clouds were covering it. After tonight you'll have to wait a "few" more years. Only until 2034!


  1. You took really great pictures of the moon. My dad told my son it was a supermoon because it was celebrating my son's birthday!

    1. Thank you Brenda! It was so neat to see it among the woods behind our house. That's neat what your dad said to your son - I bet he will always remember that from his birthday.