Saturday, October 29, 2016

A Day Trip To Museums With Our Daughter and Ride Home With Kitty

A Day Trip To Museums With Our Daughter and Ride Home With Kitty

We visited our daughter last weekend and visited a couple of museums including the Grand Rapids Art Museum and the Grand Rapids Public Museum. It was the opening day of the "Whale Exhibit" at the public museum which we didn't know about until we got there. The fee included lunch and it was about 11:00 so it was good timing. One of the floors had a whale exhibit which included a skeleton of a large whale which was something that looked like "Jaws" to me. I know what you might be thinking...."Jaws" was a shark. Anyways, you couldn't take any pictures but it was pretty impressive. I enjoy looking at antiques and there were lots of things like that also. They had a part of the museum set up like a village with stores just like the old days with items that you would see for sale.

Our daughter K. doesn't like getting her picture taken but let me take a selfie of us together.We were at the public museum for about three hours and for the lunch they had hot dogs, chips, nachos with cheese, an apple, and cookies. All you did is give your ticket and they had tables set up to eat. The art museum was not far from the public museum and was remodeling, so we got a discount because they had floors closed off. It did have some nice paintings and sculptures that we viewed which were very unique.

After going to the museums our daughter wanted to buy a television cabinet she had seen at Target. It was on sale for about $60 and was the only one there. We went to check out at the store and was surprised when it was only $27! There was a sticker on the side that we didn't see and it was the $27 one. Sometimes you get a good deal! It came in a long box and we just barely fit it into the back seat of the car with me holding it. If it would have been any larger it wouldn't have fit.

Anyways, we got back to her apartment carrying the box up three flights of stairs, and it was pretty heavy.  There were lots of pieces to it and she put it together all by herself. Unlike me, she likes doing things like that because it's like doing a puzzle.

After the long day we were pretty tired but stayed up for a little while. The next day we headed for our home, along with daughter and her cat. She is visiting us for several days and kitty came along too. K. drove her car and I went with her, with the cat in his pet carrier in the back seat. My husband drove our car ahead of us. The cat meowed most of the three hour ride home and didn't know what to think when he got at our house. He's never been here before and was exploring every cupboard. He opens cupboard and cabinet doors and has to check everything out. It's been pretty fun so far!

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