Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Village of Sebewaing, MI Hometown Tourist @SocialInsiders #SocialSummer

I live in the small village of Sebewaing, MI which you might think is an unusual name for a town. That's because it was named by the Indians who lived here over a century ago. By the way, Sebewaing is pronounced See-Ba-Wing and means "crooked creek", which was the Indian name for the river which goes through our town. Our population is about 1700 and a lot of the people living here are related.

The Sebewaing area is known for farming and that is what a lot of the people do here for a living. We have a Sugar Factory which employs many also. In the fall the farmers harvest their sugar beets and haul them in trucks to the factory to be made into sugar.

We also have have Bay Shore Camp which is a Christian campground. It is open during weekends in the winter for retreats, but is especially busy with groups of kids in the summer. My son has worked there the last 3 years and is the videographer and camera guy. He makes a video for each of the kid campers to take home at the end of their week-long camping stay.

 Bay Shore Camp has all types of activities for the kids such as a paint-ball, zip-line, swimming, arts & crafts, plus more. There are also worship services and they have a tabernacle with Christian bands that come in and perform and sing. Below are some of the buildings and the outdoor pool that they have at the camp. In addition to Bay Shore Camp, there are two other campgrounds in the village for people who like to camp. People come from all over to bring their RVs and relax in the peaceful surroundings.

Other activities around the Sebewaing area include hunting, fishing, boating and outdoor sports. There are lakes and beaches for everyone to enjoy. Below is the marina that we have which is great for boats to dock from.

There is also a small airport nearby that has been there since I was a little girl. If you fly a small plane you can land there and come visit our town. Along with the airport, we have a small motel right next to it.

Like a lot of small towns and villages, businesses have closed. It seems like everyone goes to the city to do their shopping. We have a supermarket, hardware store, library, doctors and dentists, and a few restaurants and a handful of other businesses. There is a nice little antique shop which is open a few days and is nice to have.

For your sweet tooth we also have a seasonal ice cream place called the Dairy Barn that also serves food. It's pretty popular and people come from other towns. You can sit in your car and they have car-hops to wait on you (located in the back of the building).  Or you can go up to the counter and order if you like.

I think Sebewaing, MI is a pretty nice little town which is a safe place to raise a family. If you like peaceful, relaxing surrounding you might enjoy visiting us.


  1. It does sound like a nice little town I'd love to visit, and of course if I ever do, I'd love to visit you too! That Christian camp looks like a really fun place where lots of great memories are made. Camp had a huge impact on my life when I was younger. That's neat your son makes a video for all of the campers. I enjoy visiting little shops in towns, and I know I'd love the Dairy Barn!

  2. Awe, thank you Brenda! I agree, you would definitely have to visit me if you ever came to Sebewaing. :)