Monday, April 18, 2016

Things Are Blooming!

Spring is my favorite season because everything is fresh and new. The lawns have turned from brown to green and some early flowers are starting to bloom.

The daffodils have come out and are so pretty to look at. They don't last a real long time but are so nice when they arrive.

People are starting to mow their lawns for the first time and everyone has been outdoors yesterday and today also. Lots of people are getting their grills out again and barbecuing too. I think the temperatures got up to 75 or possibly close to 80 today, which is such a big change. I can't believe you didn't even need a jacket to wear because of the sunshine.

A group of my neighbors got together yesterday and sat outdoors in lawn chairs just like last year. During the winter you can't sit outside...unless you want to freeze or go ice fishing. It was so nice to visit and joke around again with everyone.

So now that spring has really begun I'll be outside more often. I could tell today that allergy season is upon us also. With the buds and blooms that's part of spring also and my nose could tell. I get an allergy shot every week but spring is worse for my allergies. That's alright, I'm loving the warmth of the sunshine!

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