Sunday, April 10, 2016

Blissfare Neck Wallet with Removable Waist Strap ~ #Review #Blissfare

Blissfare Neck Wallet with Removable Waist Strap ~ #Review #Blissfare

With summer coming lots of people will be going on the U.S. and out of the country. Carrying a purse can be cumbersome sometimes when traveling and you don't want the risk of losing your money, credit cards. or passport if venturing abroad.  

The Blissfare Neck Wallet with Removable Waist Strap is an awesome neck wallet that is made of rip-stop nylon  and has a padded mesh backing which helps to wick moisture and breathe. It's a good size wallet which is 8 x 5.5 inches so it can hold your valuables quite nicely.

It can be adjusted by the straps that can be worn around the neck and waist for added security. There are three security pockets with zippers for your valuables. The larger zipper pocket is great to put your cell phone in. It also includes one easy access pocket that can be used for items that you can grab without unzipping. 

A nice feature about the Blissfare Neck Wallet is that it has a built-in RFID Blocking in the lining which prevents unwanted scanning such as your passport or credit cards.

The straps on this wallet are comfortable and very thick which can be adjusted to any size you want, depending on the person.

This wallet would have been great for my daughter when she went to Italy for her last class of college. She got pickpocketed which was very costly and traumatic for her.

 I would definitely recommend the Blissfare Neck Wallet with Removable Waist Strap for traveling!

If interested you may find it on Amazon.


  1. I've never heard of a neck wallet before, but it does seem like it would prevent pick-pocketing. It's also nice that it blocks people from stealing your card information. I think it would be very useful to have while traveling. Good review!

  2. This is the first one I have seen before so it was new to me also. Thank you Brenda!