Monday, March 14, 2016

The Weekend Sleepover
This past weekend some of my family went to spend the night at my daughter's apartment, which is 3 hours from our home. We had not been to visit Karissa since the middle of January so it's been a while since we visited. With the winter months you never know how the roads are going to be so now that spring is here we'll be going more often.

One of my twin sons, my husband and my mother went along. Our other son had to work so he couldn't go, and there wouldn't have been enough room in the car anyways. We took off at about 10:30 in the morning. First we had to stop and pick up my mom who lives down the street from us and pack her stuff in the trunk. The whole car was pretty cramped by the time we got her blankets, walker, cane and other stuff in the car (plus what we took). We took off and anxiously counted the miles till we got there.

Mom can't walk very well at all since she had a back surgery that didn't turn out about 15 years ago. Her one leg is very weak so she is pretty wobbly when she walks. It makes me nervous because I'm always afraid she's going to fall and break a bone. She did fall several years ago and broke her hip and had to get a hip replacement. Plus she has had knee replacements on both knees. She has osteoarthritis plus osteoporosis and she's 87 years old but is a fighter. She loves going away and so far lives by herself yet.

We went out to eat at a restaurant called "Arnie's" which I thought mom would love because it has a bakery attached. They sell homemade cupcakes, cakes, donuts, pastries, bread and more which are very tempting. A nice thing about the restaurant is that you get a free cupcake with your meal. They have triple chocolate, raspberry filled, chantilly, and carrot cake to choose from. There might be more but those stuck in my head, haha. You can eat it there or you can take it with you. We took our cupcakes to go and they put them in a nice container so they don't get squashed.

After going back to the apartment my husband took Karissa's car to get her oil changed at a place and we stayed at the apartment. I don't think her cat "Rothko" knew what was going on. He's used to being alone with Karissa and there were five of us in the apartment.

We had a good time visiting and then got ready for bed, with all of our blankets and pillows strewn around. My husband snores and Karissa could hear it so I had to poke him so he would quit for awhile. But he started again anyways. With the snoring and time change that night we were pretty tired the next day. It was getting late and we went to a "Steak and Shake" for a quick meal before heading back home. I'm always trying to watch my weight but had a caramel turtle shake which was pretty good. Only thing is they didn't put much caramel in it. Karissa had a black raspberry shake which she said was good. Karissa always gets coupons in her mailbox for "Steak and Shake" so it's pretty reasonable.

After that my son wanted to look in Target to see if they had a Star Wars bobblehead that he can't find. He said he would only be a little while so we waited in the car for him. Well, they didn't have the bobblehead he had wanted so he came out empty handed. Actually, he did buy a candy bar for his Grandma because she asked for one, haha. After that it was time to get on the road and start for home. We took Karissa back to her apartment and all said our goodbyes. It rained steady all the way back home and we were glad to get back home safely.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! That restaurant with the bakery sounds like a place I'd like to go to. Your mom sounds like a very strong, resilient lady. That was nice that your son bought her the candy bar she wanted. I'm glad you all had a nice time.

  2. Thanks Brenda. It's nice to go see our daughter. Just wish she could get a job closer to where we live but jobs are scarce...especially where we live. Yes, you're right about my mom. She is a strong woman and blessed to have her yet.