Friday, March 4, 2016

Heat Resistant Kitchen Premium Tool Set #Review #DEMYLY

Disclosure: I received complimentary products for review purposes. However, all opinions expressed here are my own.

Heat Resistant Kitchen Premium Tool Set by DEMYLY

Whether you are cooking or grilling you need some kitchen tools that will prevent you from burning your hands and work well also. I know it's happened to me numerous times. Occasionally you touch a hot pan or burner and ouch... burns really hurt!

I received the Heat Resistant Kitchen Premium Tool Set by DEMYLY that comes with some kitchen tools which come individually packaged in cellophane and in a nice box which would be great for gift giving. It includes everything you'll need when cooking to prevent burning your hands or fingers. The set I received includes Heat Resistant Silicone Gloves, Silicone Spatula, Kitchen Tongs and Meat Claws.

You can feel confident using the silicone gloves and all the utensils because they do not contain toxins or BPA that can leach into your food. I could tell right away this set was high quality and not some cheaply made items like you get at some discount stores.

The gloves are great for anytime you need protection for your hands from heat. I love the bright red color of them and they even have a hole on the edge of them for hanging on a hook if you would like to. These gloves are great for baking, cooking and when you are barbecuing. They will protect your hands up to 425 degrees and are textured on both sides of them. This is great to get a good grip on your pots, pans and utensils. They fit my hands pretty well (although I did have lots of room to spare) and felt comfortable without slipping off my hands.

The silicone spatula comes in a bright red color which is so nice and easy to see in your kitchen drawer also. It's so great for flipping hamburgers or frying potatoes, The silicone will not be damaged by exposure to heat. I love the bright red color of this spatula which is so easy to find in my utensil drawer. It also has a small hole on the end, so you could hang it on a hook if you prefer.

Next, the tongs are amazing and work so well. I needed a pair of tongs and haven't gotten around to get any. They really come in handy for when you have to grab a hot potato (as shown below) without worrying about getting your hands burned. The ends are bright red and coated with silicone, as is the handle. As the spatula, these awesome tongs won't be damaged by exposure to heat. They also have a nice loop on the end to hang it up if you like. I love how these work so nicely with a good grip.

Last but not least are the meat claws. I never owned meat claws in the past but really could use them. They would be great for when you're roasting a turkey, chicken, roast or the like. In the past I've used two forks (yes, one on each side of a turkey, haha) and have dropped the turkey. It made a mess and splashed grease all over. These meat claws are heat resistant up to 450 degrees and are made to not melt, warp or come apart when using. They are also wonderful for shredding your meat, instead of using two forks (yup, have done this also).

I really love this Heat Resistant Kitchen Premium Tool Set by DEMYLY and can truly say that they are high quality and made to last. If you are not satisfied or have a problem, the company offers a lifetime guarantee which tells you they stand by their products.

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  1. Looks like a very useful set. I've never seen meat claws before, but they do sound like something my husband could use. He also moves the turkey and the ham by using 2 big forks and hoping it stays in one piece.