Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Sunny Easter Day

On Easter Sunday we traveled to my brother Mark's home for dinner. It takes two hours from our home to his so it's a little trip. My daughter drove two and a half hours from where she lives. I'm a worrier...especially when she drives a distance all by herself. She went on Saturday and spent the night, then went back to where she lives on Sunday. She called when she got back home and I was thankful she made it safe and sound.

We had a very nice Easter day. The sun was shining brightly and it even got warm enough for people to be outdoors. That's a big plus because you never know what type of weather you 're going to get this time of year. It can be cold one day and the next day it's warm.

My brother is a jack of all trades and does a lot of the cooking in his family. Well, he actually does a lot of everything. Mark got his doctorate degree about five years ago and has three jobs. He is always on the go, along with his wife...who is a teacher. He's a director of family life in his church, teaches classes on-line, and is a crisis counselor. I don't know where he gets all his energy from but he is very blessed.

When we go to their home it's like the country folks going to see the city folks. We live in a small town where we're lucky to have a McDonalds retaurant and a Dollar General. Anyways, the dinner was very delicious. We had ham, sweet potatoes, tiny red skin potatoes, broccolli salad, black cherry jello salad, rolls, apple pie and chocolate cake with ice cream. It was my daughter's birthday on March 30 so I took a chocolate cake and bought some ice cream when we got there.

Mark and Wendy's son Nate just joined the army last month and is in boot camp. While we were there they got a call from him and we all got to hear him and say hi, which was great also. Nate got his bachelor degree in December and had always wanted to join the army since he was in middle school.  He sounded like he is enjoying it and doing well. 

We were all tired when we got home that night and I think everyone had a great day. Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Allelulia! Below is a picture of our beautiful church on Easter!


  1. I typed a comment earlier, but accidentally hit the logout button instead of publish, so I'll try again. Technology doesn't like me very much. Anyway, I had said that I like the candy in the basket on the table while you play games. It looks like you have a lovely family. It's amazing that your brother can keep up with 3 jobs; I'm exhausted with only one! What grade does your sister-in-law teach? Your church looks beautiful!

  2. I know...that candy was really tempting, lol. I'm amazed at how my brother can do so much also. Wendy teaches 6th grade. Thanks for the nice compliments!