Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Water Bottle With Fruit Infuser by Moodioo #Review #fruitinfuser

Disclosure I received complimentary product for review purposes and all opinions are my own.

Water Bottle With Fruit Infuser by Moodioo #Review #fruitinfuser

Product Information:

  • ★ Live Healthy and make your own unique naturally flavored infused water, fruit juice, ice tea, sparkling beverages in less than a minute! Choose from fruit, herbs or veggie if you like. You don't need to waste your health and money on bottled sodas with plenty of added sugar any longer.
  • ★ Attractive and Handy design makes the bottle very likeable and easy to use every day, wherever you go. Bottle is ideal for office, school, work and fitness, yoga, hiking, camping and traveling. You can completely remove the infuser if needed and make it water bottle only. Single parts are dishwasher safe. Living healthy doesn't need to be boring!
  • ★ Save Money and Health by buying robust reusable water bottle that makes drinking fun! Mix various fruits, herbs or veggie to get unique colorful result that is just nice to look at. Feed your body by natural vitamins every day. Detox your body!
  • ★ Easy to use for adults or children. Volume 27oz/800ml provides you flexibility between amount of water and size of the bottle. You can refill the bottle from any source of drinkable water at school, at work, etc.
  • ★ Durable and feels good. Bottle is made of Tritan plastic, which is 100% safe for you and your family. Tritan is not manufactured with bisphenol A (BPA) or other bisphenols, such as BPS. Bottle can be used with no fear of shattering.

My Thoughts:

I love drinking water and a lot of times plain old water or iced tea gets kind of boring. That's why I was excited to get to try out the Water Bottle With Fruit Infuser by Moodioo. This is a nice size water bottle which holds 27 ounces of water or whatever you prefer to drink. I'm on the computer a lot and always have a glass beside me so this water bottle will really come in handy. I won't be filling my glass all the time.

What's different about this water bottle is that it has an infuser which is removable so you can put pieces of fruit in it to flavor your water. Heck, you could even put herbs and veggies in it to get a wonderful new taste. I'm not one to drink soda or anything else so this is right up my alley! It's more healthy and a new way to flavor your water.

I couldn't wait to try it out and wanted to see how it would work. The lid of the bottle has a flip-top cap which you remove. Then there is a white part which you turn and lift to remove and fill your infuser. Since I've been eating oranges all winter I thought it would be fun to try out the bottle with some pieces of oranges in it.

I peeled the orange and put 3 pieces of it in the infuser, filled my bottle with cold water and put the top back on. Then I shook it a few times and that's it. You could even use it without the infuser if you would like. I've been on my computer all day today and have my new bottle sitting beside me. It's a durable product and looks like it is made to last a long time! 

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