Friday, February 26, 2016

In The Beginning - Mill Creek Entertainment Movie #Review

Disclosure; I received a complimentary movie in exchange for a product review. However, all opinions expressed here are my own.

Movies are a must have in our home. I guess my kids have gotten the movie gene from me. My twin sons even went to college for digital video production so they love movies just as much as I do. My preference in movies are drama and mysteries, although I do like comedies and action adventure types. Old movies really are some of my favorite, especially the black and white ones from way back when.

Recently I had the pleasure to be sent a movie from Mill Creek Entertainment. They have a ton of movies on their website so you'll be sure to find something to fit your niche. Mill Creek has movies in every genre that you can think of. From drama, action, comedies, mysteries, family and so much more - they have a ton of selections that you won't easily find in any store.

Since Easter is early this year (yes it's March 27th) I thought a biblical movie would fit in with the Lenten season.  The movie....In The Beginning... has some actors that I recognized from other movies I've seen. The actors I knew were Martin Landau, Jacqueline Bisset, Christopher Lee, and Geraldine Chaplin. It also included Billy Campbell, Eddie Cibrian, Frederick Weller, Alan Bates, Steven Berkoff, Amanda Donohoe, Art Malik, and Diana Rigg.

I really enjoyed watching this movie depicting stories and events from the bible. I've been reading the Old Testament so this was awesome to see it played out on screen. Martin Landau starred as Abraham and he was remarkable, as all the actors were.This powerful film began with the creation of the world and went on to tell the stories of other figures including Joseph, Moses, Rebeccah, Esau and Isaac.

There were some awesome events which were so neat to see on film, such as the parting of the red sea . Another dramatic part was seeing Abraham as he is tested by God telling him to sacrifice his son. I would say that this is an epic film which was really enjoyable and I would highly recommend it!

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  1. Sounds like a good movie to watch with my family. We recently studied all those Old Testament stories in our Sunday School class, so it would be neat to watch it.

  2. Sure would be a good family movie, Brenda. It would be nice to view on film something you studied about.