Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Do You Treat People How You Like To Be Treated?

Do You Treat People How You Like To Be Treated?

Let's face it, we live in a sinful world. It's been that way since Adam and Eve so it's nothing new. Eve ate the fruit off the tree that she wasn't supposed to after listening to the serpent. Then she gave some to Adam to eat. After they got caught from God they started the "blame" game. Eve blamed the serpent and Adam blamed Eve. (Genesis 3:11-12)

It seems that so many people are not happy with their lives and it shows in their attitude. I think a lot of it goes back to people not going to church these days and how they are brought up. Anything goes and it's not getting any better, sad to say. Lots of people grow up not even knowing right from wrong. They are searching for answers and drink, do drugs and have sex to try to feel better. But that doesn't solve any of their problems.

Also, there are so many broken familes that children grow up thinking that it's the normal. If you can't fix it, get a divorce. I understand, lots of people have very good reasons for getting divorced. It affects every family these days, including mine. Then they just live together, which is what so many do also. Please let me be clear..I'm not judging. It's the way it is these days.

Treating other people as I like to be treated is something that is just in me. When I go shopping or out in public, I'm just friendly to people and smile. It's makes me feel good and hopefully, makes the stranger feel good. You never know, it may be the only kindness they have been shown that day. 
What do you think?

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