Sunday, February 21, 2016

Beautiful Skies!

We were driving home this evening from seeing my nephew before he goes in the Army. Nate graduated from college and has always wanted to join the Army since he was in middle school. His parents said he could join but he would have to get a bachelor's degree first. Well, Nate graduated in December from WMU and is flying off to Georgia tonight where he is going to be stationed.

One of our sons and our daughter were there, along with my husband and I. It was great being able to say goodbye and spend some time with Nate before he took off. I can't imagine how his mom and dad (my brother) feel but know how proud they are of him already. He's a brave young man.

It was a 100 mile drive to their home and we stayed for a few hours until it was time for them to start getting ready to leave for the airport. On the way home the sun was setting and the sky looked so beautiful that I got a few pictures while riding. Our creator really does paint some beautiful skies!

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