Sunday, January 31, 2016

Kuisiware Premium Salad Spinner ~ #Review #kuisiwaresaladspinner

Disclosure: I received complimentary sample in exchange for a product review and all opinions are my own.

Kuisiware Premium Salad Spinner ~ #Review #kuisiwaresaladspinner

When you think of all the chemicals and preservatives in produce these days, it makes me want to especially have my lettuce and veggies cleaned thoroughly. I also don't like washing lettuce and other leafy vegetables and having a soggy salad. One way to solve the problem is with the awesome Kuisiware Premium Salad Spinner that I received recently. The box had a green picture on it but when I opened the box it turned out to be an orange color.....which was a little surprise but no problem.

When I took the salad spinner out I was impressed at how high quality and sturdy this product looked. It's not a cheaply made item but is very nicely made. The salad spinner is a nice large size so you can fit a lot of veggies in it with no problem. It actually holds 5.2 quarts of ingredients so this isn't a little item.

A nice feature of the salad spinner is that it is so easy to only need one hand. All you need to do is press down on the lever and it activates the spinner. You can repeat this until your veggies or fruits are dry as you like. If you want to stop the spinner all you do is press the break button which is on the lid if you want to stop or slow it down.

The Kuisiware Premium Salad Spinner is made of BPA free ingredients and is dishwasher safe, although I don't have any problem washing it by hand. I like that the strainer is removable and you can use the bowl to serve your salad or whatever it may be. It also has a non slip base to keep it in place while using the spinner.

An added plus is that you get a recipe book which has lots of salad recipes that look delicious. I'm very happy with my new salad spinner from Kuisiware and would recommend it! The company even offers a 100% money back guarantee which is good for 60 days; plus a lifetime replacement guarantee. You don't find that with many companies these days.

If you are interested this product may be found on Amazon as of this date for $35.17.

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