Saturday, December 5, 2015

One More Before Christmas?

 One More Before Christmas?

In case you didn't see one of my previous blog posts, my husband and I work for my sister and her husband doing estate sales for people. We started doing this a few years ago and usually the sales are in the summer. Since we live in Michigan, you know that means cold and snow from about October through May. Well, at least the cold part anyways. You never know when you're going to get snow, but it hasn't been bad at all... so far this year. Most of the time the estate sale season ends for us in November or even the end October. My sister Arlene is in charge and she doesn't really like having sales in the winter because of the snow and slippery road conditions. It depends if anybody calls and needs a sale done, or how quick they want it done. Sometimes the people have the house for sale or sold and then they want to get the stuff out of the house as soon as possible.

This year we've done four sales with Arlene and Roy, and they've done three by themselves. It's unusual to have many in our town because it's small with not a very big population, but it just so happened that the last four sales were in our town. The last sale wasn't that large so we had it a day and a half the weekend before Thanksgiving on Friday and Saturday. The second day of the sale it started snowing and some people bought a sofa sleeper and were trying to carry it out the front door of the house. They were having a hard time getting it through because it was so heavy and you had to have it in the right position. If you've even moved a sofa sleeper you'll know what I mean. Then the steps were starting to get snow-covered and I was shoveling them off so they wouldn't slip on the way out. So that gives you an idea of the things that come up while having a sale. When people buy something they have to bring help for hauling furniture, but we do help if somebody has a lot of bags or smaller stuff. My sister has done sales for 25 years so she could tell a lot of stories.

Anyways, we looked at a house that somebody wanted a sale at about a month ago and had to finish the one we were doing first before we thought about having this one. This past Monday we met with the person again and then agreed to have the sale. My sister decided that she thought we could probably have the sale before Christmas. So yesterday, we started working there and started in the bedrooms organizing and already pricing items. The guys started working in the basement. Today we're going to see how much we get done again before she decides to put it in the papers to advertise the sale.

I'm one to procrastinate on the Christmas shopping but do have a few gifts bought. Maybe I'll get hopping now that we're working on an estate sale. I think you really do get more done when you have a time schedule instead of putting things off till later. We'll see what happens.......!

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