Saturday, November 14, 2015

Thankful For My Mom!

My mom is a special lady not just because she's my mother. She's a very good hearted woman. Since my dad passed away 15 years ago mom and I became pretty close. She had a hard time living alone after being married for 55 years and always being with my dad. Mom was only 16 when she married my dad and it's kind of hard to even fathom that for me. I couldn't even imagine one of my kids or me getting married that young, 

My family lives only 3 houses down from mom so she depends on us for quite a lot. My sons mow the lawn and shovel her snow. My husband helps out with whatever he can. I take mom to doctor's apppointments and occasionally go out to eat afterwards. 

Since dad passed away mom has had a hip replacement and a couple of knee replacements. She also had a back operation which left her with impaired walking. She should use a walker now all the time but tries to get by with a cane.

Today mom fell down in the garage while trying to do something she shouldn't have (lifting a plastic barrel in the garage). She fell down on her side and had a swollen elbow and her hip hurt a little. I thought she should get it checked out so took her to the hospital since it was Saturday. They have a walk-in clinic until 3:00 today so off we went to the hospital.

After getting registered with the paperwork and waiting for a while, mom got called in for her turn. The doctor came in and asked a few questions, then said mom should get an x-ray to make sure her elbow wasn't fractured or broken. Since mom can't walk that great, the nurse got a wheelchair for her and I followed down them down the hall to the x-ray room. 

We waited for her turn to get the procedure done, and then it was mom's turn. When the x-ray technician wheeled her down the hall I had to laugh at myself. Mom told the technician "I'm only 76 years" old and I said"no you're not"! You see mom is actually 86 so it was kind of funny. She doesn't have dementia but does say the wrong things once in a while. Actually, she's always been that way. My dad used to say she would say "Clara" when she meant to say "Frieda" when she was talking about some relatives she worked with. 

Thankfully, everything was alright (no broken bones or fratures) and the swelling in mom's elbow has gone down. 

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