Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Rothko's New Toy

Rothko's New Toy

This past weekend my husband and I went to see our daughter, who lives three hours from us. She graduated from college with majors in graphic design and art, but didn't have any luck finding a job close to where we live so had to move to where the jobs are.

Anyways, Karissa has a cute little cat named Rothko (named after an artist that the previous owners named and she kept) who is king of the castle. He is a little stinker though and likes to chew on electrical cords. He's chewed her phone cord and ruined it and even got into Karissa's purse and chewed a cord that she had in it. So now she has to put away everything that has cords on it when she goes away or to work.

We got a little toy for Rothko recently.....a cat that walks and squeaks while moving his mouth. We were excited to see how Rothko would like it and took it out of the bag right away to show him.

 Rothko was fascinated with the little squeaking cat and just kept watching it walk and "talk". He touched it a few times with one of his paws, then just layed there and watched it. By the way, Rothko always lays with one of his paws curled under him, as you can see in the pics. It must be a habit or just feel good that way, I guess.

After a while we shut off the squeaking cat because it got kind of annoying listening to it. Rothko didn't care, he went on to look for different adventures. We had taken a recliner to Karissa because she didn't have any real furniture yet (just some lawn furniture). Rothko checked out the the recliner, smelling and rubbing against it. I guess he thought it was nice and soft. Later that night, he was sleeping on it!

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