Monday, August 10, 2015

Three Flights of Stairs.....

A couple of weeks ago my daughter Karissa moved to her very own apartment. She previously lived with a friend from college for around 6 months and worked a couple of odd jobs. Then she applied for a full-time job about 2 hours from where she was living with her friend and got hired on the spot. Anyways, it was a big decision to move and get her own place but it sounded like the best thing to do. Even with a college degree it's hard to find a job in Michigan, unless you're in the medical field.

Moving day was on a Thursday and my husband and I drove 2 and 1/2 hours to where she lived with her friend to move to her new apartment (2 hours from there). Karissa had all of her belongings piled up by the door when we arrived to get her. The only larger items she had to move was a small desk, a small chest of drawers, and an end table. She didn't have a bed to move because she had used one from her friend. But there was lots of other small stuff to move,,,like clothes, dishes, books and everything else you can imagine.

Oh, did I mention her cat? Yes, we also moved her sweet little cat named Rothko. I know, it's a name you probably haven't heard of before. I never had before. The previous owners of the cat had named it after an artist. Karissa was going to change the name, but ended up leaving it as Rothko. It is kind of ironic that Karissa majored in Art and Graphic Design in college and her cat is named after an artist.

Back to moving, we packed her car and our car to the brim and took off. We wouldn't have had room for anybody....or anything else!  I sat in the passenger side while Karrisa drove and followed my husband in our car. My job was to hold the cat on my lap in his carrier. The scared little kitty meowed just about all the way there and we kept on talking to him to try to relax him.

When we arrived, it was time to get the keys and move into the apartment. Oh, I didn't mention that my husband had hurt his knee and could barely walk. But that's a different story. So anyways, my daughter and I carried practically everything ourselves up three flights of stairs to her apartment.

There's more to tell later but I'll say for now that I slept good that night. My husband and I slept on the floor in the apartment to be with her for a couple of nights. We've gone to see her the last few weekends to take more things to her as needed. I'll have to tell you the story about the mattress we bought for her at a later date. It really made us laugh!

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