Sunday, June 14, 2015

Yamo Gourmet Manual Hand Lemon & Lime Juicer ~ Review #YAMOlemonSqueezer

Product Description from company:

MUST HAVE FOR EVERY KITCHEN OR BAR: Truly a must have tool for any kitchen or bar, makes an excellent gift for your family.
EASY TO USE: Incredibly comfortable and simple to use. Makes squeezing lemon, limes and oranges effortless.
PREMIUM QUALITY: Professional and commercial grade. Made from the highest quality stainless steel. Built to last, will not peel or rust.
DISHWASHER SAFE: Dishwasher safe and easy to clean.
I love freshly made lemonade in the good old summertime! It just tastes so much better than the powdered stuff you buy in a container. The tiny bits of lemon floating in your glass with clear ice can't beat it!
I've never had a stainless steel juicer before so was really excited to get to try out the Yamo Gourmet Manual Hand Lemon & Lime Juicer. My mom used to make lemonade when I was growing up with one of those old fashioned glass lemon squeezers with a handle and I have one of them also. The only thing is that you have to twist the lemon back and forth with your hand. It's hard on your wrist, and then you have to pick out the seeds from the juicer before you can pour the juice into your container.

The Yamo Juicer is a high quality kitchen gadget that is made of stainless steel, unlike the plastic cheaply made juicers you see in the stores. It is made to last and doesn't take up a lot of room to store in your cabinet or drawer.

I love how this juicer feels so comfortably in my hand. All you do is place your lemon piece into the bottom part of the juicer and squeeze the handles together. The holes in the bottom part are the perfect size to catch the seeds, so they don't go into your glass or container.

It's so easy to just grab this little gadget out when you want some freshly squeezed lemon juice. It's not overly heavy but has a great feel to it and is nicely made.

I'm going to be using this juicer a lot from now on and am really happy with it! If you are interested you can find the Yamo Gourmet Manual Hand Lemon & Lime Juicer at the link below on Amazon.

Yamo Gourmet Manual Hand Lemon & Lime Juicer

Disclosure: I received free product in exchange for a product review. However, all opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. I'm glad this worked so well for you. Thanks for showing how it catches the seeds.