Wednesday, June 24, 2015

#Grillinator Log Tote ~ #Review

I recently got an awesome Grillinator Log Tote to review which is from a company called Grillinator. I've tried their Grilluminator Grill Light in the past and was very happy with that so was excited to try out this product for them.

When I received the tote I was surprised at how big it is!  This is a large tote which is made to carry your logs in, but can be used for so many other purposes. If you're carrying logs you don't have to worry about any debris from the wood falling out because it is fully enclosed on the bottom. There's no cleanup from messy dirt or chips of wood dropping all over your floor.

The Grillinator Log Tote definitely isn't a flimsy bag like some others you may have seen before but is a stylish looking bag. Made of durable ultra premium oxford polyester canvas and stitched with hi-denier thread, this tote will provide you with many years of use.

Besides carrying logs for your fireplace you could also use the tote bag for an overnight stay, or it would be nice to take to the beach and camping. Other possibilities could be using for your groceries or for a huge diaper bag. Since it is a length of 26 inches and a huge 2.24 cubic feet of space, you can get loads of stuff in it. You could put blankets, toys, diapers and whatever else you can think of in this over-sized tote. Other bags I've had in the past fall flat while you're filling them but this one won't. It stays upright while you're loading it which is really helpful and less frustrating also.

You won't have to worry about getting this tote wet either, because it includes PVC fused backing and is waterproof. I like that it also has padded handles, which are comfortable on your hands and fingers when carrying a heavy load. There's no worry about the straps cutting into your hands with this heavy duty tote.

Now that I have the Grillinator Log Tote I can get rid of a couple of other bags that I have because this one is so much sturdier and stronger.

If you are interested you may get this product on Amazon at the link below.

Disclosure: I received free sample in exchange for a product review. However, all opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. I never heard of a log tote before, but is seems like it would be very useful for bringing logs into the house. That's great that you can use the bag for so many other things also. Great review!

  2. Thank you Brenda! It's a really nice tote for sure!