Monday, June 29, 2015

Anaiti Luminous Cream Dark Spot Corrector ~ Review #SkinCare

As my skin has aged I've noticed that I've gotten some spots, fine lines, and it isn't as bright looking as even a few years ago. I've tried all types of lotions, creams and the like with varying results so was excited to try out the Anaiti Luminous Cream. This cream comes in an attractive 1.7 fl. oz. silver jar with a screw-top lid.

Some of the active ingredients in the cream is Renovage - which is shown to reduce pigmentation and firming your skin. It also includes Matrixyl - which is good for stimulating the fibroblasts that produce collagen. This helps to keep your skin more elastic, smooth and healthy. Matrixyl also is known to help reduce wrinkles. Other ingredients are Vitamin C and Nicinamide (Vitamin B3), which help with reducing skin pigmentation and water loss. They also are for stimulating collagen and protecting skin from damage from UV rays.

When opening the jar of cream the first thing that I did was take a "sniff" test and was wowed away! I love the fresh orange fragrance of this cream. It's a light wonderful scent without being overpowering at all. This is also a thick and rich cream, without being overly so. The cream smooths onto my skin very nicely and absorbs pretty quickly also, without leaving a greasy residue.

I've been using the Anaiti Luminous Cream in the morning and evening after cleansing my face for a few days now. All I do is apply a thin layer to cover my face and neck area. It works great under my makeup and I love how it makes my skin feel hydrated and smooth feeling throughout the day.

Finally, my skin looks brighter, healthier and more refreshed in the time I have been using it. With continued use I'm looking forward to more great results. I love using it in my daily skincare regimen.

For more information and to get this product you may find it on Amazon.

Disclosure: I received free sample in exchange for a product review. However, all opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. Sounds like a nice product. I like skin creams that have an orange scent and have a thicker texture. Thanks for the review.