Friday, May 29, 2015

Leven Rose Rosehip Oil ~#Rosehipoil#Review

Disclosure: I received free sample in exchange for review purposes. However, all opinions expressed here are my own.

Leven Rose Rosehip Oil ~ #Rosehipoil#Review

Leven Rose Rosehip Seed Oil is made from rosehips which are grown in the the mountains of Chile.  You might think that this oil would have the scent of roses because of the name but it doesn't. Rosehip Oil comes from the seeds of wild rose bushes in Chile which are more like shrubs. It has it's own unique scent, is packaged in the USA and is free of any pesticides or fertilizers, so it is 100% organic. This is the purest form of oil which is cold pressed and is never refined. The oil is also quickly packaged to prevent oxiation.

I received a bottle of Leven Rose Rosehip Oil recently for review purposes. Since I love trying out anything natural and organic this was exciting to try out. The oil comes in a brown glass bottle with a glass dropper to apply. The reason it comes in a dark glass bottle is to preserve it's shelf life as oils are light sensitive. I like that this is a "dry oil", which means it doesn't make your skin feel greasy. 

. The oil has a nice lightweight feel and you only need a drop or two because a little goes a long way. I like how it sinks quickly into my skin and doesn't just lay there. I've been using it for a moisturizer at night before going to bed and love how it makes my skin feeling softer and smoother. There also isn't any greasy residue on my pillow after I apply it.

In addition to my face, I've used the oil on my cuticles and fingernails since they have been cracked and dried out lately. I've used it a few days and like how much better my nails and cuticles feel and are more nourished and healthy looking.

You could use this amazing oil for so many other purposes. It's also good for scars, stretch marks, acne, lips, hair, and body. Since it's 100% organic you don't have to be concerned about nasty or harmful chemicals in it.

Leven Rose Rosehip Oil - 100% Organic Cold Pressed Natural & Pure Unrefined Rosehip Seed Oil Serum for Face, Hair, and Dry Skin As a Natural Botanical Antioxidant for Scars, Wrinkles, Body, Lips, Fine Lines and Acne - 1 Ounce (1 Oz) In Dark Amber Glass Bottle with Glass Dropper - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Leven Rose Rosehip Seed Oil has a 100% money back guarantee so you don't have anything to lose. Another plus is that they have great customer service which means a lot to me. You know this company cares about their customers!

If you are interested this product can be found at the link on Amazon below.


  1. Sounds like a very useful product. Does it smell like roses?

  2. It sounds like it would because of the name, but it doesn't smell like roses at all. The rosehips seeds come from wild rose bushes in Chile, which are more like shrubs. It has it's own unique scent.

    1. Thanks for letting me know about the scent, Gloria.