Saturday, May 16, 2015

AYL StarLight 330 Camping/Emergency/Outdoor Lantern ~ #Review #StarLight330

Disclosure: I received free sample in exchange for a product review. However, all opinions expressed here are my own.

If you are an outdoors type of person or just want to have a light for emergencies, the AYL StarLight 330 Lantern will fit your needs. Spring is here and summer is around the corner. This amazing little lantern will come in handy when we are outside at night having a late night cookout or having a family gathering.

This lantern is a wonderful product for power outages, emergencies, camping, hiking, boating, and emergencies. Wherever you need some light, this will do the trick for you!

The AYL StarLight 330 Lantern is great for many reasons. It lasts longer than any type of emergency candles you may have and can be used continuously for up to 6 days. It doesn't generate any heat so you don't have to worry about it getting hot.

I like that the lantern is a very durable product and is made of sturdy rubber and ABS plastic. It is also water resistant so that's another plus in case you happen to get it damp. The lantern has 3 lighting modes - low, high and even a flashing strobe. I thought this was really neat and would be great for emergencies. Additionally it has a green LED indicator light that makes it easy to find in the dark. This would be great when you are out camping to make sure you find your area.

The lantern takes 3 D Cell batteries which are not included. I had some batteries on hand so was all set to try it out. The lantern comes with directions to properly install your batteries, and I didn't have any problem doing it. If required, they also have a video link to show you the proper way to install them.

This lantern will really last and is guaranteed to have over 100,000 hours of use. It definitely lights up the area. I used it in my dark house and it really lit the room up well.

A nice feature is that there is a hook on the bottom so you can hang it virtually anywhere. It also has a removable top for using as a hanging light or if you want to focus it on something.

I'm very happy with my new AYL StarLight 330 Camping/Emergency/Outdoor Lantern. It's light, works well and is a convenient little lantern that will come in handy.

If interested you may get this product on Amazon at the link below:


  1. This looks like a very durable light to have around the house. I live in South Carolina, so every fall, we are susceptible to having hurricanes. This would be great to have on hand, just in case the lights go out.

  2. Yes, it would be great to have on hand for that purpose Amy. It is durable and lights up really well. Thanks for commenting!