Tuesday, April 21, 2015

10 Things I Like To Keep Clean

10 Things I Like To Clean

Okay, I'll admit that my house is not spotless and could use a good cleaning. Now that winter is over the sun is shining more brightly and the days are longer.  I've been noticing lots of places in my house that need some cleaning.  I'm noticing dirty windows, dust in corners (and other inconspicuous places), spots on carpeting, curtains that need washing and more!

It seems like in the winter here in Michigan all we do is cover up and try to keep warm. When spring comes everybody has so much work to do that there is not enough time to do it. The other day it was sunny and warmer so my husband and I cleaned our breezeway entrance. I vacuumed and hubby mopped the floor. It looks so much better than before. That's what you need to get your energy flowing....sunshine!

 I thought about my top ten spots or places I like to clean.  Here they are! 

  1. Toilets (can't stand a dirty or stained toilet bowl)
  2. Bathroom and Kitchen Sinks (hate yucky sinks....with germs)
  3. Windows (nice when they get sparkly clean and no smudges)
  4. Closets (more like organizing)
  5. Kitchen Cabinets (getting those fingerprints wiped off)
  6. Garage (sweep and get things in order)
  7. Mirrors (getting the toothpaste and smudges off somebody gets on them)
  8. Refrigerator (getting rid of old stuff that gets shoved in the back)
  9. Clothes Drawers (more like organizing again)
  10. Flower Garden (is pulling weeds cleaning?)

Do you like to clean?

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