Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Seeing Neil Diamond!

Seeing Neil Diamond!

Neil Diamond in 2014
'I've learnt to be as open as I can': Neil Diamond in 2014 Photo: Micah Diamond

I really didn't even know that Neil was still singing or anything. I remember he had been on American Idol and helped tutor the singers one season, but didn't really think much of it then.

A couple of years ago I started listening to Neil  on Spotify while being on the computer. I had been listening to other singers and was just browsing around when I started listening to his albums.

Well, that became a real love affair with his music (and the man), hee, hee! I started looking up everything I could about Neil, such as pictures, videos, news articles and the like. That was in the late Fall of 2012.

From then on I've been listening to Neil and love his music and everything about him. He's a genuinely sincere and humble human being. There's nothing phony about him and I think he has aged like fine wine (or maybe Red Red Wine, ha,ha).

Boy, was I excited to find out last Fall that he made a new album called Melody Road and was going on tour this year. When the tickets went on sale I had to see him and splurged! I'm going to be in the 6th row from the stage at The Palace in Auburn Hills, MI real soon!

I'm starting to get really excited and have heard how great his shows are. I belong to a Facebook group for Neil Diamond fans and some of them have seen him already on this tour. They say he puts on a great show!

So anyways, I've heard that you either love Neil Diamond or you don't. I myself, love the guy!!

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