Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day and My Daughter's Visit!

Valentine's Day and My Daughter's Visit!

Today is Valentine's Day and it's a cold and snowy day where I live! Since the roads were drifting and icy it was a good day to stay inside instead of venturing out.

My husband got me a beautiful sentimental Valentine's Day card and a large pink scented candle which smells divine. He usually gets me flowers but there really aren't any flower shops around our little town.  Actually there is only one! The last time he got me flowers from that shop they didn't seem very fresh and didn't last long.

I told him he didn't have to get me flowers from that place any more so I guess that's why he got me a scented candle. I'm always burning candles so this was a great gift idea to get me.

The roads were bad today but that didn't stop our daughter and her two roommates drive 100 miles from the city to our place in the country. Our daughter just moved about a month ago because there just aren't any jobs around here for what she has a degree in. She graduated from college with a double major in graphic design and art. When she had the opportunity to move to a large city with a couple of girls she was pretty excited. 

Back to the roads....I tried to tell my daughter not to come today because the roads were drifting and icy but they wanted to come today. The one roommate has an all wheel drive vehicle and the girls made it to our home safely.....thank God!

After getting more of her things from our house (including a small desk) and eating some of the chili I had made, they stopped by my mom's to visit for a bit. Then the girls took off back to the city. I said more prayers for them and they safely made it back. 

It was a nice Valentine's Day and I'm happy to say that my daughter got a part-time job for a design company and starts on Monday!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful Valentine's Day! You have a very thoughtful husband and a daughter that loves her parents. I'm glad they had a safe trip and it was nice that they also stopped by your mom's. Congratulations to your daughter on her job!

    1. Thank you very much for the kind words and congrats for our daughter's new job! I hope you had a very nice Valentine's Day also!