Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Can You Guess Where We Were?

Can You Guess Where We Were?

Yesterday my daughter and I went to the city so I could get my allergy injection and do a little shopping. Yes, it takes about 45 minutes to go to a mall from where we live. It is like a half day or more shot when you have an appointment or want to go shopping. Sometimes it takes a whole day if you have lots of things to do.

Anyways, I have my routine (kind of) and it includes going to my favorite restaurant to get a grilled chicken salad or the lunch special which includes a small grilled chicken salad and a baked potato or soup. I have tried other restaurants but they don't measure up to my favorite.....Cracker Barrel! I also love there iced tea and get a few refills of that! 

While we were waiting for our lunch I played the peg game a few times then Karissa took over. You know how the game goes. You jump the pegs so that you are hopefully left with just one. Karissa has the game figured out and now when we go there she always ends up with one peg left. I, on the other hand, am not as smart. I did end up with one peg a couple of times that I played it but usually I have two, three, or more of them left.

Karissa didn't have any breakfast before we went so she was really hungry and ordered the grilled chicken salad, which is huge! It comes with two deviled eggs, a wedge of cheese and lots of fresh veggies. Karissa also got the strawberry lemonade which looked good. I got the daily lunch special because I wasn't as hungry. It's just perfect for a lunch and I even couldn't eat my potato so I took it home to eat later.

It is such an treat to eat at Cracker Barrel and I like to go there once a week. Sometimes (if I'm lucky enough) I get there twice a week. They have such good and friendly service also which means so much too. Can't wait to go to my favorite restaurant again soon!

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