Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Top 5 Valentine's Day Memories

My Top 5 Valentine's Day Memories

1. When I was working before my husband and I got married, he sent me a sweet Valentine's arrangement to the bank where I worked. (I still have the doll figure that was in it). He's gotten me lots of flowers since that, but we were just dating then and were just engaged to be married.

2. When my children were little they made homemade Valentine's out of colored paper for me and I still have them too. It's so neat to see how they wrote: "I Love Momma" in their child like printing.

3.  The first time my daughter and I made Valentine's Day cookies and decorated them. We had lots of fun and had lots of flour and frosting to clean up!

4. Helping at the Valentine's Day party at school with my kids when they were younger. It was a lot of fun and they played games, traded Valentine's cards, and made a Valentine Day craft.

5. When I was in grade school we used to make Valentine's mailboxes out of shoe boxes to put our Valentine's in. We would decorate them and color them with crayons. We'd put all of our Valentine's in the decorated mailbox and take them home.

Do you have any Valentine's Day memories?

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