Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Vitabath Body Wash and Fragrance Mist {Review}

Disclosure: I received samples to review and opinions are my own.

Vitabath Body Wash and Fragrance Mist {Review}

I'm always looking for exceptional products for the bath since I'm a bit of a bath nut! I love to find new and unique body washes with amazing scents.

Well, let me introduce you to Vitabath! Recently I was ecstatic to get to try some samples of body wash and also a sample of their Fragrance Mist. You are sure to find something for your needs from this amazing company.

Vitabath has a huge assortment of quality products which includes body wash, body mist, bar soap, sugar scrub, hand cream, fragrance collection, bath and shower gelee, moisturing body lotion, and holiday fragrance sets

For my review I received samples of body wash which included the following varieties: Green Tea & Sage, Grapefruit Vanilla, Beach Blossom and Dreamy Pink Frosting. I also received a sample of Vitabath Fragrance Mist in Beach Blossom scent.

These body washes were so wonderfully great I really felt like I was being pampered using them! They all smelled so divine and I think one of my favorites was the Dreamy Pink Frosting scent. It has a delectable scent unlike any body washes I have ever used before. The Grapefruit Vanilla was just as wonderful with the fresh scent of grapefruit mingled with a vanilla. Then there was the Green Tea & Sage and Beach Blossom scents which I thoroughly enjoyed also. They were so fresh smelling and the Beach Blossom does remind me of a beautiful sunny day at the beach. They are all so relaxing to use and have just the right amount of fragrance .

I also got to try out Vitabath's Fragrance Mist in the Beach Blossom Scent which like I said about the Beach Blossom Body Wash, reminds me of a beautiful sunny day at the beach. It's so fresh and clean smelling, just wonderful!

All in all, I thoroughly the Vitabath products I received and they would be great for anyone on your Christmas list or for a gift for yourself.

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