Saturday, October 12, 2013

It.....Is Loaded!!

It......Is Loaded!!

This apple tree near our house is loaded this year!  I haven't seen so many apples in quite a few years.  The apple tree belongs to our neighbor who hasn't been picking any that I know of.  It hangs on our property and I walked by it the other day and picked a few.  I'm sure they wouldn't mind at all since we are friends.

Last year the apple crop was not very good because of the weather.  I remember how expensive they were in the stores and read how the crop wasn't very plentiful.  This year the weather must have been perfect for it.  We have a peach tree which was loaded this year also.  Last year there were only a handful of peaches but the ones that we had were very large.

Aren't they beautiful and so red!  Pretty soon all the trees will be bare and brown as the leaves continue to drop.  I really don't like winter but it's on it's way!  Temperatures are cooling off here in Michigan.  It definitely is a colorful time of the year right now though!


  1. Yes, I've never seen so many before on a tree! It's been a plentiful year for sure. :)