Friday, September 27, 2013

World Wide Gifts Fridge Magnets - #Review

Disclosure:  I received complimentary samples to review and all opinions are my own.

World Wide Gifts Fridge Magnets - #Review

If you are like our home, you have a fridge with magnets on it!  I think everybody has memos, appointment cards, or their children's school projects and the like on their fridge.  These important items are held on their fridge with magnets.

We have a variety of magnets on our fridge.  Some have been from gift shops or vacations we've been on.  They are a nice remembrance of places we've been to and something we can always see on our fridge!

Recently I was contacted by a wonderful company called World Wide Gifts, which is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, to review a variety of their fridge magnets.  This company sells a variety of worldwide souveniers such as keychains, t-shirts, and plates also.

The fridge magnets that I received came packaged very securely and quickly.  I received ten different magnets which were awesome!

Two of my favorites were the resin fridge magnets which looked like they were in 3-Dimentional.  I read on their website that the resin fridge magnets may be their most popular items on their on-line store.  They are really cool.  My daughter happened to go to Italy for study abroad this past May and bought a couple of 3-D resin magnets that look similar to these magnets.

My other favorite magnet was the 1,000,000 Las Vegas, Nevada Lucky Chip.  It looks like a real chip and can be put on your fridge with either side.  There is no magnet shown on the outside of it.  I thought it was really cool!

The other magnets I received had some very beautiful scenes on them   from other countries and were covered with acrylic material with a magnet on the back of them.

World Wide Gifts Fridge Magnets are very affordable. The resin magnets I received were $4.99 each and the others were only $2.99 each.   World Wide Gifts accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card and American Express).  Shipping prices are calculated based on weight, size and destination by USPS.

If you have been on vacation and want a remembrance of being there, or just want to dream of going to another country, these magnets are a great way of doing so!

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