Tuesday, September 10, 2013

End of Summer Sights Around Our House

End of Summer Sights Around Our House

Looks like Summer is about over lately, although today it got up to 95 degrees in Michigan!

Here are a few photos I took around our home.  We have a corn field surrounding our house, so I will be glad when they harvest the corn.

 It kind of feels like we have a moat around us!  The corn is drying so it will probably be harvested in the next month.

One of our trees with all the seeds hanging from it is shown below.
I don't really care for these trees but my husband planted one and they are messy.  I'm not even sure what the name of it is.  Maybe it is a maple tree.

Here's a bare spot of ground with a leaf that just fell off a tree.  A little fly had just landed on it.  The ground really looks dry and cracked.

Below is an ant hill among the blades of grass.  The ants are still busy doing whatever they do!  They sure are amazing little creatures, but I don't want any in the house.

I have a lot of mum flowers growing and they are starting to come out.  Below is one of them.  They are pretty when they all come out.

So, whether I like it or not, Fall is coming and it seems like Summer just started!

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