Saturday, August 17, 2013

TV Store On-line - T-shirt Review

Disclosure:  I received product to review and opinions within this post are my own.  Your opinions and results may differ.

TV Store On-line - T-shirt Review

I would say just about everybody has a favorite TV show or movie that they always remember.  A couple of my favorite TV shows would have to be The Office and Seinfeld.   My kids love watching old reruns of these shows too!  These shows always makes us laugh out loud!

A great place to get all kinds of awesome classic TV and movie shirts and memorabilia is TV Store On-line.  They also have a selection of Music, Comics and Game shirts to add to that.   You're sure to find a t-shirt you will love from this company!

   I couldn't believe the variety of t-shirts they have.  Some t-shirts that caught my eye were The Big Lebowski, Duck Dynasty, Family Guy, NCIS, South Park, Wilfred, and AC/DC.

Since my daughter wanted to browse their selection, I let her choose a t-shirt for herself.  She chose The Wizard of Oz The Scarecrow Silver Gray Juniors T-shirt since she always loved The Wizard of Oz movie!  Don't we all?  I still love to watch that movie and the scarecrow was a favorite character for sure.

Delivery was super quick and I quickly opened the package to show Karissa.  Our first impression was that it was really a cute shirt!  It's super soft and fit her just right.  She chose a size Juniors Medium and it was true to the size.   The t-shirt is fitted for a nice sleek look.  The graphics are awesome and colorful with the picture of the scarecrow and the crows on it's shoulders.  Karissa has worn it several times and I like how it washed and dried well with no problem.

I'm sure we will be looking to TV Store On-line when the holiday shopping season starts.  My 22 year old twin sons will definitely want to pick out some of these t-shirts and they would be awesome for gifts for any time or occasion.

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