Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lots of Green Bell the front of our house!

Lots of Green Bell the front of our house!

Beginning of a Pepper - A Small White Flower

Since deer were eating our green bell pepper plants in the back garden this spring, my husband planted some plants in the front of the house.  We live at the end of a street so nobody really sees our house anyways, so I guess why not!  He also planted some tomato plants in the front because the deer ate all of our tomato plants last year the day after we planted them.

Pepper Plant with some Big Peppers

Anyways, this afternoon I was looking at the green peppers and they have really grown.  I will have to pick them pretty soon and freeze them, although if you leave them on the vine longer they will turn red and be sweeter.  Maybe I'll leave some on! 

 I use them in making chili in the fall and winter.  My mom and dad always put peppers in their chili and it's really good and gives it a better flavor.  Sometimes I put in a red pepper also.

Pretty Big Pepper

I like eating them just by themselves also or for making stir-fries.  When I freeze them I just chop them up and put them in freezer plastic bags.  It saves some money in the winter when you don't have to buy a pepper and it's easy to do.

Do you freeze or can any veggies or fruits for the winter months?  I would love to can peaches but never have before.  The peaches are in season right now in Michigan and my neighbor said she canned some already.  They would taste good this winter, so I'll have to decide pretty soon before they season ends!

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