Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Karissa's Graduation With Honors

Karissa's Graduation With Honors

Monday night was a very good night!  Our daughter Karissa graduated from SVSU with honors - Magna Cum Laude - with double majors in Grahic Design and Art! 

It only seems like yesterday that Karissa was going to Kindergarten, then grade school.  She was always a smart little girl.  Karissa was doing 100 piece puzzles when she was 2-3 years old.  She never needed help with homework that I remember either.  When she graduated Karissa was number 15 in our county based on her GPA and ACT score combined.  

 Looking back many years ago, when we celebrated Karissa's 2nd birthday, I was as big as a barrel!  The 
reason for this was that I was pregnant with twins (they were boys).  Travis and Dustin were born 12 days after Karissa's 2nd birthday and she was no longer the baby in the house.  I no longer had time to read many books to her or do much of anything except change diapers and feed everybody!  It was really hectic to say the least!  Karissa even helped me out with the babies by going to get a diaper, I remember.

The years went by so fast and now as I reflect I wish I could go back to those days for a while.  I'm so happy that I was a stay at home mom.  I saw all my children's first steps and heard their first words.  Time really does go by faster every year!   

Now getting back to Karissa!   It will be an exciting new chapter in her life to start a career in graphic design.  I hope she finds a career that makes her happy and fulfilling.  The twins (Dustin and Travis) are still going to college for Digital Video Production so they have a couple more years to go.   I hope all my kids have  wonderful careers!

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