Monday, August 19, 2013

Have Some Tomatoes Canned

Canning Tomatoes

Since it's towards the end of August, the tomatoes are starting to ripen and the other day my husband said we had enough to can some.

Kerry picked the tomatoes and had 2 small pails full.  Saturday morning he helped me out by washing them and then washing the canning jars.  

My canner was in the garage and he got that out and filled it half ways with water and sat it on the large burner on the stove.  I scalded the tomatoes and started peeling them.  In the meantime, my son Travis came in the kitchen and noticed a small puddle of water by the stove.  At first we couldn't figure out where the water came from.  Then Kerry lifted the canner up and it was leaking!  There must have been a tiny rust spot on the bottom and the water leaked out and went under the burner through the stove and into the bottom drawer on the stove.  He started cleaning the water up as I continued to peel the tomatoes.

I said that we'll have to go to my mom's house and get her canner to use.  So while I was still peeling the tomatoes, Travis went and got her canner and brought it home.  Luckily, she only lives a few houses down from us.

Finally, after all the commotion with the canner leak, I got the tomatoes canned and got 10 nice quart jars.  They all sealed too!

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